Feb 202014


Moments of happiness

Last summer I had a size 14 bottom. Now I’m an 8. I hear such wonderful adjectives:






swan-like neck




…gorgeous pose. Are you a dancer?’

This week’s topic

42. Is a seeping wound ‘performance art’?
I’m afraid if you click on the above link, the current topic makes gory reading.

If you’d prefer to avoid blood and gore altogether, check out my other discussions on Art and Life-modelling and Life here.

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1. Bel says I can sometimes be a bit too me me me.
Ha. So I’m sending people to check out your blog, Bel.

2. Me me me? Here’s a link to the current, exciting online residency of artist Patricia Oxley at the prestigious Frost Art Museum, part of Florida University, USA (okay so it might happen to include the odd drawing of me).

3. If you are lucky enough to live in the county of Yorkshire (UK), here is a list of life-drawing groups and classes you might like to try.

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Artist of the week

FEISTY FRAULEIN J ((aka Julia Jaeger) is a bold Bavarian, currently taking her chances in Bradford in the grim north of England. An artist with a background in fashion illustration, Feisty has expressed many a forthright view in my discussions on the sister-site to this one – sukithelifemodel.co.uk. She is currently being tutored by Royal portraitist Tom Wood at his Wednesday painting group. See Feisty’s self-portrait, produced under Tom’s guiding hand. Visit Tom’s famous blog, and Feisty’s less famous but fun blog.
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