May 082014


Almost home

…I am alive.

The thing is, today is brilliant sunshine.

It is shining into the bus.

When I get home I will curl up in my armchair. I will drink tea in it and read some poetry. Then I’ll post out my chapters to another agent.

As I bang in, my bike wheel picks up a piece of paper on the mat.

Emma has left me. Came for tea and sympathy.

Now watch STILL LIFE

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1. Ta-dah!
That was the end of A SMALL LIFE… but you may now begin to read TWO SMALL LIVES – Part II of my autobiography which is to be serialised in 64 pages.
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4. Thank you to all those who have read A SMALL LIFE to the end.

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Artist of the week

Artist PAUL WHITAKER finds life drawing ‘fascinating as an attempt to capture the essence of a person in just a few marks on paper’.

Paul attends the Aire Valley life-drawing group (click and scroll down to Bingley for info) organised by artist Jane Fielder which meets in Bingley, Yorkshire (UK) in the basement of Jane’s Bingley Gallery.

By the way, you can watch Jane Fielder at work here (one of Bel‘s wonderful 3-minute THE LIFE ROOM audio-visual pieces).

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