Feb 272014


The Real Truth

A cleaner is talking to another cleaner, waving at the sketches on the art room wall, when I walk in.

‘Scrawny, isn’t she.’

One negative word has the power of ten positive ones.

I sent the synopsis to Victoria nearly seven weeks ago. Her lack of communication is making me anxious.

This week’s topic

43. The body – a tool to make art
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NOTE FROM ADMIN: Suki’s manager Sue Vickerman and I would like to assure readers that we have done everything we can to get Suki to eat. But she says – they like to draw my bones.

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Pay no attention to Admin. I am fine.

1. Have you perused my Creative friends page yet?

2. I am now in a private Facebook group for life-models. Here is model Clare Brunton on pain:

“I usually don’t start counting until the pain and numbness starts…” [Counting – I DO THAT TOO! – Suki] “Sometimes I breathe through it, adjusting slightly if possible, but then other times, the inner cursing starts: why did I think this would be comfortable for 45 mins..? The other night in a class with no music” [NOTE: music can help us; we know most tracks will get us through 3 mins. Suki] “…I started singing in my head – 100 green bottles hanging on the wall… I got to 75 and he said ’25 mins left’. I could have cried.” [I know this moment! I know this moment!] “I ended up – with 12 mins to go – moving my leg (which was tucked under me) for 2 mins to allow blood-flow and then resumed position and was fine. Sometimes I make a point of counting slowly so my 1 elephant, 2 elephant actually results in a longer minute, so when I think there may be 2 mins left it gets called quicker.” [I do this too!!!] “Incidentally, I resumed the green bottle countdown and thankfully only had 45 left on the wall, ha ha ha…”

Life model Natansky even compares life-modelling to the pain of childbirth:

“It’s my own fault for picking a pose that puts me in pain, lol. It’s my choice, but I do it for the art, as I know it will look good.”
[Like giving birth] “…there is always some thing beautiful at the end of it :-)”

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Artist of the week

Another work by the elusive EDIE GARDNER – see also page 4, where she drew my bottom somewhat bigger. I have not seen Edie since she completed the Foundation Art course at Craven College in Skipton (UK) some years ago, left home, and…
Where are you now, Edie?

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