Jun 272013


At Jeremy’s

I don’t follow the convention of using a dressing-gown. I use a long black tee-shirty frock. I would feel silly and also a bit provocative wearing something akin to bed-wear.

– Oh dash, I’ve forgotten my frock Jeremy. Sorry – I ran out of my house. Car’s out of action. I need a bicycle.

Jeremy looks a bit horrified. I wonder why that is, Jeremy, you uptight person?

– A shirt’ll do.

We both go to his bedroom (‘changing room’). Jeremy reaches me a shirt off a hanger. I think it’s his best shirt. A really nice shirt. He chucks it on the bed and races back to the warmed-up sitting room (‘studio’). Jeremy’s (rented) cottage is nearly as much of a hovel as my (rented) cottage.

At the end of the two hours I do something really stupid. I think it would be good to leave the scent of me on his shirt. I can only do this by rubbing the fabric of the shirt on me. Before I take it off I rub the under-arm seams into my armpits (which aren’t sweaty, just Suki-smelling) then I pull the shirt over my head and get my bra and top clothing on at lightning speed (the ‘dressing room’ being perishing). I straighten out the shirt but, oh god, it’s got whitish stains from my deodorant inside it at the armhole seams. I hadn’t thought of that. I try to rub it off but it won’t come off. It was a clean-washed shirt. Dark burgundy. The stains are really visible. He’ll wonder how the hell I managed to sweat deodorant into it in the ten-second ascent from ‘studio’ to ‘changing room’.

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This week’s topic

8. What am I really hungry for?
Is obesity a sign of spiritual under-nourishment? Do you have a poor relationship with food? Click on the above to add your thoughts. See here for the full list of discussions on life-drawing and Life to be found on my blog.

NOTE FROM ADMIN: From now on you might start to notice, in the above serial’s illustrations, Suki’s gradual weight-loss. We did try to feed her.

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1. The June (2013) SUMMER SATURDAY at Suki’s Life Room (Bradford, UK) is booked out, but book now for 20 JULY, 17 AUGUST, 21 SEPTEMBER 2013: six-hour pose, £18 (£9 half-day). Where are you? London? Get a direct train to Bradford (or National Express coach ‘funfare’ for £12 return) and stay over in the Travelodge which is one minute from here. We’ll ply you with coffee and brioche rolls; we’ll advise on where the fun/culture/best curry house is. Spend a whole brilliant weekend in boho Bradford. Info/bookings: admin@sukithelifemodel.co.uk.

2. As life-drawers, does the ‘twist’ you often request of the model hold a deeper symbolic meaning than is ever acknowledged? See the last few comments in the discussion at the end of last week’s topic: scroll down to where Pat tells of a “weird experience” (actually very moving) on entering her disabled husband’s bedroom.

3. Is the above ‘twist’ discussion just a load of Suki-bollox? If you want, rather, the heady heights of proper, clever intellectualising about Art, go to artist David Thomas’s blog. It is brain-achingly erudite. After I’ve put a comment on it I have to have a lie down.

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Artist of the week

Another work by SAM DALBY RP (see also page 2), who bears absolutely no resemblance to the character of Conservative Jeremy – I’m just using Sam’s pictures. Sam graduated from Cleveland College of Art and Design (1997) and is a reputed portrait painter. Exhibitions include BP Portrait Award (2003), Royal Society of Portrait Painters (2010, 2011). Sam has recently been awarded life membership of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. Sam offers tutoring in portraiture in Yorkshire / UK-wide. Import him for an intensive course for your group!

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