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Email bookings

Dear Suki, great session in Leeds! As said, would like to use your fantastic physique with my amateur group in Little Maltham Methodist Hall, any Thursday in March. We can pay £15 per hour. When are you free? Petronella x

I am rushing to complete my final draft and get it posted to Victoria’s agency before Easter, as she’ll probably be going away somewhere. So she’ll be able to take it with her.

This week’s topic

26. The funny side of suicide
Or maybe you think there isn’t one.
Click on the above to express your disapproval. Or see here for a list of more palatable discussions on life-drawing and Life to be found on my blog.

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Suki is having too much fun/ feeling too suicidal/ is too busy modelling to put anything on her noticeboard this week. ADMIN

You are incorrect, Admin!
1) First, here’s a commercial for the work of Sue, my long-suffering Manager:
Ladies and Gentlemen, if anyone would like to read a nice, funny, page-turning novel with no sex in it (well, hardly any), in which most of the female characters turn out to be lesbians, buy SPECIAL NEEDS by Sue Vickerman (Cinnamon Press 2011). Read the reviews here.
Or buy the e-book version here.

2) Hey! This year’s Turner Prize shortlist includes an installation by artist David Shrigley consisting of a life-room with a grotesque sculpted figure of a life-model in it! Peeing into a bucket! At last we life-models are getting the recognition we deserve.
See pics of all shortlisted works here, apart from that Berlin guy Tino Sehgal, who won’t allow his work to be photographed – but I found a sneaky youtube video of his work here.

3. Artists’ blogs!
As promised on last week’s noticeboard, here are some blogs of arty folk I know. Way to go! Why haven’t you got one yet?
Julia Jaeger, alias Feisty Fraulein J ( – her contributions to my discussions have been, erm, lively), blogs here.
Pat Stevenson, who attends Bill Parker‘s intensive tuition sessions in Keighley (Yorkshire, UK), is a portrait artist who takes commissions – see her blog here.
Alex, one of my subscribers, gets up to all manner of fascinating things… See her blog here, and a sample of her amazing wire sculptures here.

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Artist of the week

SUSAN FORSTER ROSS studied in Liverpool, Chelsea and Leeds. She loves Art, people, landscape, colour, sequins and glitter, and teaches drawing, painting, life-drawing and fitness in Addingham – for details, click here – and elsewhere in West Yorkshire, UK. Susan says she is inspired by the human face and form. She draws me at the Saturday People in Leeds (UK).

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