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Since ultra-formal Conservative Jeremy (who has moved on to a younger model), I avoid any sort of build-up to the De-Robing Moment. So prissy to clasp one’s robe about oneself – or frock, in my case – until the very last second, after the pose has been decided on and ‘practised’.

This week’s topic

31. Using photographs: ‘bad faith’?
It’s the hidden ambition in work done from photographs, the ambition to represent something perfectly, that’s the problem, writes artist Chris Murray. Click on the above topic-heading to add your comments.
By the way, Chris Murray’s LIFE ROOM (excellent 3-minute audio-visual piece by Bel) can be viewed here – Chris (intense, sombre, Sickert-influenced oil paintings on small canvases) talks about his studio and his artistic life.

And see here for the full list of discussions on life-drawing and Life to be found on my blog.

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If you like to get close in to the model but cannot do this at the group you attend because of blocking the view for others, try attending Suki’s Life Room (Bradford, UK). I have a small studio with room for a maximum of six people and plenty of scope for homing in on the face, hands, a foot… Book now for Saturday 21 December 2013: six-hour classical ‘Madonna and child’ pose (!), £18 full day, or £6 per two hours: 9.30-11.30am, 12 noon-2pm with soup lunch thrown in, or 2.30-4.30pm. Mulled wine (and non-alcoholic hot punch) and seasonal fayre served all day.
Otherwise, any Tuesday (except 17, 24 & 31 Dec 2013): 10-12 noon and/or 1-3pm, £6 per two hours.

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Artist of the week

GERRY FARRELLY has a studio above his garage in Ilkley (UK) which fills up with artists on Friday afternoons. View the results of one such afternoon here. In retirement, Gerry has taught himself to draw and paint. He attends life-drawing groups in Ilkley, plus Suki’s Life Room in Bradford for the Saturday (once-monthly) six-hour poses.

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