Nov 282013


Shipton Castle

I cycle under the portcullis. The courtyard’s shiny cobbles chuck me about. I fold up my bicycle and hoik it through the massive oak doors to be out of the April showers.

I expect it to be draughty but it’s alright. Threadbare Persian carpet for the model to stand on. An unconventionally clean mattress for horizontal poses. The changing area is behind a moth-eaten tapestry slung across an alcove in which a cannon is being stored. Rough-hewn walls, flagstone floor, dusky light filtering in through the Perspex fixed over the arrow-slit. I drape my clothes on the cannon.

‘Do small to big’ says Sharon the tutor. I do the series of poses in which I unfold myself. Unfurl from foetal to a glorious tiptoe stretch.

This week’s topic

30. i-Pad art: by boys, for boys?
Click on the above to add your comments and shoot me down in flames if I am being sexist. Just because I personally have little aptitude for technology.
Alternatively see here for the full list of discussions on life-drawing and Life to be found on my blog.

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It can be lovely looking at other artists’ blogs. Here are some very diverse ones among the artists with whom I work in Yorkshire (UK). See this one. And this one. And this one. And of course there’s the famous one managed by Tom Wood featuring all the Redbrick Mill (Batley, UK) artists. Plus – how can I fail to mention my creative partner Bel’s blog. But that’s photography.

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Artist of the week

The above is one of JANE FIELDER‘s big three-minute ink-and-pipette drawings. She often draws on massive sheets of paper on the floor. Watch Jane at work here – the four-minute audio-visual piece Bel and I made when I worked 1:1 with Jane at her home (part of THE LIFE ROOM project by Suki and Bel).
The Aire Valley life-drawing group (click then scroll to Bingley), which Jane has organised for many years, now meets in the basement of Jane’s gallery in Bingley, Yorkshire (UK).

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