Jun 062013


Melanie Alone – The Wait

My final bit of Arts Council grant is going on October’s rent. Might get
money for my beat-up Micra. Might not. My body’s shaping up now
I’m walking everywhere (since the tax disc ran out). I refuse Jeremy’s
cake these days.

But they are still drawing horrible bottoms.

I am dithering over whether to send Victoria a casual chatty email to
see how she’s getting on with Melanie.

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This week’s topic

5. Would you employ an anorexic as a life-model?
Click on the above link to comment on this topic (you’ll see one of my poems on the subject, too). It’s the first topic in a four-week discussion on THE SKIN-AND-BONE MODEL. See here for my full list of twelve discussions about art, artists, life, and life-modelling.
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1. The skin-and-bone model? KUNST is my poetry collection on the controversial theme of the artist-model relationship. It includes my poems ‘The faint’ and ‘Belly’, and has been described by feminist poet Char March as ‘confirming my deep uneasiness about life-drawing’. Buy it for less than a fiver here (direct from me – signed!) or, from Indigo Dreams Press or, if you must, from dastardly Amazon.

2. Some of us have just been to the preview at Leeds Gallery (Yorkshire, UK) of photographer Ashley Karrell‘s exhibition of portraits of women: Expression of you: the divine feminine.
‘He’s a pretender,’ pronounced Feisty Fraulein J (never backwards about coming forwards): ‘80% false tits and just a token couple of old / fat women’. To which Bel gave a sage nod of agreement (see Bel’s blog for her reservations about this exhibition). Whereas I really enjoyed looking at it. Tits and all. And especially enjoyed the avid discussions it was throwing up. Is this really what women are like? The self-selected women certainly were not a cross-section of the population. Is the exhibition’s title itself a piece of smarm by the “suave, charming and devilishly handsome” (see CultureVulture review) Ashley? Tell me what you think by adding to the discussion thread of this week’s topic.
The exhibition runs til 16 June 2013. And there’s going to be a book.

3. Monthly life-drawing days, 6-hour poses on Saturdays at Suki’s Life Room, central Bradford, £18 (£9 half-day). For info/bookings, email admin@sukithelifemodel.co.uk. SATURDAY 29 JUNE, SATURDAY 20 JULY, SATURDAY 17 AUGUST, SATURDAY 21 SEPTEMBER.
Live in London? Come on a £12 rtn National Express ‘funfare’, stay a night or two in the Travelodge opposite my apartment and have a brilliant weekend in Yorkshire! See Hockney’s gallery at Saltaire, do Leeds, pop to Haworth (Bronte-land), or hang out in Bradford’s boho cafe-bars and cheap curry-houses. All without needing a car.
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Artist of the week

ROB McCONNELL works freelance as an artist, craftsman, technician and museum curator, currently Yorkshire-based (UK). Rob introduced me to the comic art of Robert Crumb, which I’ve heard described by some as ‘filth’ (tell me what you think by adding to the discussion thread of this week’s topic). Rob’s ongoing research thesis is entitled The Semiotics of Desire: Exploring The Romantic Notion of Identity In A Technological Age.
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