Nov 072013


Current Love Interest No.1 (Unrequited)

I emailed him this pencil and watercolour sketch by one of the Leeds artists (and mentioned that I don’t have any particular plans for Easter).

He emailed back – ‘Fabulous. Strong. Thanks for sharing.’

So why doesn’t he want me?

This week’s topic

27. The enemy of creativity…
This is part of my current four-episode discussion TO LIVE OR NOT TO LIVE.
Because it is sometimes so hard just to live.

If you’d prefer to skip the doom and gloom, check out the other discussions of life-drawing and Life to be found on my blog here.

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1. Have you visited my 2010-12 GALLERY yet? Do take a look, because it will be archived soon and a whole new gallery of more recent pictures will go up.

2. Watch this testimony by a boy brought up by lesbians. This is an issue close to my heart. You will be moved.

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Artist of the week

KEITH LOWE specialises in portrait and figurative work using water-based media, pastels and oils. He is a member of the Saturday People, Leeds. Work can be viewed on the site of the Saturday People (Leeds, UK) as well as Keith’s own website.

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