Sep 192013



I am sitting on my toilet in the bedsit staring into the shower tray. Was it black like that when I moved in, or am I a slattern? Then I realise it is charcoal. The soles of my feet are thick with it.

I am hoping Victoria will approve of my having foregrounded Melanie’s sexual fantasies and made them more explicit. One of her editorial comments is that more sex would be good, because ‘sexual odysseys’ are currently in.

This week’s topic

20. Is a solitary life a selfish one?
And another thing: do you rate vocations that are about serving others more highly than vocations to (e.g.) produce art or write?
Click on the above to add your thoughts. And see here for the full list of discussions on life-drawing and Life to be found on my blog.

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1. Come and draw at Suki’s Life Room (Bradford, UK) – book now for THIS SATURDAY 21 SEPT 2013 (tel/text 0757-836-5134), new October date 26 OCT, 16 NOV, 21 DEC (German choirboys will sing carols at the latter). Six-hour pose, £18 or £9 half-day. Info/bookings:

2. Selling well: KUNST poetry collection themed on the artist-model relationship, illustrated with sketches by fifteen artists. Read reviews here. Buy it here. SPECIAL OFFERS for subscribers to the above serialised story (what – are you not subscribed yet, thus receiving weekly email reminders when the latest episode gets posted?). The price of KUNST for UK subscribers is only £3.99 post-free. Subscribe by scrolling to the foot of this page.
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Artist of the week

SHEILA SMITH sells crafty things that she makes for kids as well as being an artist (she has a BA in Fine Art). See her brand new website here – and if you only get the home-page, keep checking in; it is due to be fully up-and-running very soon. I bought up loads of Sheila’s cardboard puppets last year. They are beautiful; also fun for kids to assemble, and cheap and easy to post. Sheila attends the life-drawing group run by artist Doug Binder at Dean Clough Galleries (Halifax, UK) – see Bel‘s audio-visual piece showing this group at work here.

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