Oct 172013


My Current Love Interests

To get warm, I work through them. Not my latest brief disaster – I blot that one out. So that leaves:

Current Love Interest No. 1 (Unrequited)

Current Love Interest No. 2 (easier to conjure, as we have had sex)

‘Fabulous-Fling-That-Is-No-More’. Or maybe I should I call that ‘Most-Incredible-Night-Of-Sex-Of-My-Entire-Life’.

I re-live the latter in detail. I keep having to return to the moment to make sure I’m not moving in the manner required by my fantasy. No, I am still. So, back into her bed. No – onto my kitchen floor. Cold and hard like the one I’m standing on. I feel my face flush, and involuntary movement: my vagina clenching. I know my vagina isn’t visible but my whole body is zinging. Maybe that’s visible. Maybe there’s something in my expression.

Being trapped in a pose is what makes my fantasy work. One or other of my lovers is touching me but I am not allowed to move. Even though I’m being entered. Fingers hooking into me as though into the small hard neck of a vase.

I go for heart-stopping cunnilingus with my beautiful girl while Current Love Interest No. 1 looks on. Until he too eventually comes up behind and enters me. I swap him then for Current Love Interest No. 2 who I think has a bigger penis.

It is cold, but this way I can bear the cold. Mental fucking in the cause of Art.

This week’s topic

24. ‘Family life’ not good for Picasso
Does one have to make a fundamental life-choice between pursuing a creative vocation and having a family?
If this topic doesn’t light your candle, see here for the full list of discussions on life-drawing and Life to be found on my blog.

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NOTE FROM ADMIN (AGAIN): Suki’s manager Sue Vickerman would like me to reiterate what she asked me to put on last week’s noticeboard.

NOTE FROM SUKI: take a chill pill, Sue.

1) INVITATION – a second launch event!
If you are in the north of England on Friday 29th November 2013, please come to my and Sue Vickerman‘s second launch event for THIN BONES LIKE WISH-BONES which will be held at the Quaker Meeting House in Settle in the Yorkshire Dales at 7.30 pm. Details of the event are here. Just like our Bradford launch, the lovely ‘Portrait of Berlin’ audio-visuals made by my photographer friend Bel will be rolling. See samples on Bel’s recent blog posts. All welcome!

2) ‘Fuck’ explained
The language notes I write for each weekly episode are aimed at learners of English, but you might find interesting my etymology of the f-word (scroll to page 24). See also the link at the top right of this page.

3) It’s such a novelty to model in theatrical attire! Yorkshire-based artist Hannah Bolland is directing a series of costumed drawing sessions at Suki’s Life Room (click then scroll down to Bradford), themed around the circus, dark fairy-tales, and magic realism, looking to the art of Marc Chagall, Paula Rego and others. See this album of Hannah’s and others’ drawings – including Leeds-based artist Glenn Hall. I’ll add more of the group’s work to this gallery as the sessions take place. Email Hannah for details of future sessions (places available) on: hannah.circus@yahoo.co.uk.
If you don’t live in Bradford, England, I’m sorry. You are missing a lot.

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Artist of the week

CARINE BROSSE is a full-time artist living in the tourist village of Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales (the beautiful bit of northern England). Like artist Hannah Bolland‘s current project (see this week’s noticeboard), Carine’s work is inspired by the darker fairy-tales. Her influences include Bourgeois, Rego, Rauschenberg, Giacometti, Messager, Svankmajer, the Quay Brothers and early Polanski films. Carine draws me at the Grassington Group (Yorkshire, UK) which meets on Thursday evenings. More details here (scroll down to Grassington) – all welcome.

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