Apr 242014



I think about being a loser.

I get under the slippy quilt with my clothes and shoes on.

I go over everybody. (Not-So-) Current Love Interest No. 1 who finds me physically grotesque. Current Love interest No. 2 who has gone to live in another country, and anyway is too… Conservative Jeremy who hates me. Best Sex Ever Girl who hasn’t responded to emails for at least eighteen months.

I didn’t bring my vibrator. I finger myself but am too miserable to get into it.

I think about my novel. It’s crap. And there’s no point. Even if it gets printed, what does it do? Who does it touch? What is it for? What is this life? What the fuck am I doing? Why?

This week’s topic

51. Creative female seeks like-minded…

In this era of hardship for we creatives (was it ever easy?), we need to find each other and stick together, right?

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Artist of the week

DAVID COOK paints, prints, lives and works in the Yorkshire Dales. Recent work includes a residency at Jyvaskyla Print Centre, Finland (2011). Dave draws with the Grassington Group – that’s in the scenic Yorkshire Dales National Park in the north of England (if you wish to attend the group, click on the link and scroll down to Grassington for full details) who meet in Threshfield Village Institute. Dave is an Associate of the Royal College of Art (UK), from whence he graduated.

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