Sep 122013


Breasts (2)

In reality my breasts are starting to resemble the empty pockets of a starving Sudanese tribeswoman who has suckled fifteen children. They lie there with long creases down their sides where they meet the skin of my chest. Even the nipples sag in their wrinkly discs. Sometimes I induce a shiver in myself to make them hard. Perk them up for a while.

In bed at night, passing my hands over them, I can feel that they are not at all sexy. When I am laid on my back they are non-existent. I use my vibrator to make the nipples hard, imagining someone hanging over me, dragging his penis across them on its way to my mouth. But there is no actual breast – no flesh – for my ghost lover to get hold of.

I am fretful about the loss of them.

This week’s topic

19. A sorry little life
I have had a few bad days. Click on the above to tell me to snap out of it, or to empathise by sharing your own sob-story. Or look here to find happier discussions about life-drawing and Life to be found on my blog.

NOTE FROM ADMIN: Suki’s manager Sue Vickerman and I have already told Suki to pull herself together.
Re her weight-loss: we continue to ply her with cake, to no avail.

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On Suki’s behalf I’d like to advertise that there are a few half-price copies of A SMALL LIFE left, £6 (a snip!) post-free world-wide, buy HERE or, if our Paypal ‘basket’ page is still playing up (it may not show the discount £6 price), please email me instead for our postal address, and on receipt of a cheque I’ll post you a copy.

STOP PRESS! Are you a printmaker? The great TOM WOOD is running a really interesting weekend workshop combining Drypoint with Monoprint techniques at his Redbrick Mill studio in Batley (that’s in Yorkshire, UK), 21-22 Sept 2013, £120 inc. Commiserations to my non-UK-based artistic readers. “An unlikely combination of two fascinating mediums, demonstrating the variety of unexpected opportunities and avenues of creative exploration available when using this combined process”, says Tom. Brill. More info here. Don’t you just wish you lived in the north of England?

PS Re Admin’s earlier comment: I do eat cake if it is fat and sugar free.

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Artist of the week

MARTIN HANNAVY, aka ‘Website Genius’, is an artist living and working in Shipley (Yorkshire, UK) where he attends life-drawing classes tutored by Jane McDonald at the wonderful HIVE Art Studios. Martin is the master-brain responsible for the creation of this website,, and the linked site,

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