May 302013


Suki, Writer and Life Model

Hi Suki, Jeremy who I was at St Martin’s with gave me your number because I’m needing a model urgently for a series of life-drawing workshops in Harrogate. Our usual model’s gone and broken her leg – it is in plaster! Could you give me a call back? It’s Helen Peyton. £17 per hour and we can refund travel. Thanks! Bye now!

I have now been to Harrogate three times. It’s good.

But I hate the big bottoms they draw on me.

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This week’s topic

4. Is the life-model getting off on it?
Click on the above link to add further to this discussion (which is already well underway). Please comment too about my serial. My bottom has cycled thousands of miles since Edie made the above sketch of it. Does it look different now? And am I bovered? Erm… yes and yes.
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1. Nakedness in Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales for the first time in seven hundred years! Come to my UNDER THE GAZE artsy ‘happening’ event with @HelenPeyton and @bel_photography at @GrassingtonFest, 17 JUNE 2013, 6pm, Octagon Theatre (book here). They even keep their clothes on in the bath in Grassington. They will be aghast.

2. Intensive drawing/painting lessons at Suki’s Life Room in Bradford (UK) with seasoned tutor Bill Parker, four half-days over four weeks, with life-model, first course starts September 2013, £37 per session, muchissimo personal attention, only three students per group. Absolute beginner? You WILL learn to draw! Graduate in Fine Art, but many moons ago? Re-launch your artist self… Email for more details.
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Artist of the week

EDIE GARDNER was a mature student on the Foundation Art course at Craven College in Skipton (UK) a few years ago, who then cut off her Rapunzel hair and moved away… The last information she gave me was, ‘I write stories and poems, explore the worlds of dreams, do yoga, and sing chansons to myself and anyone who will listen. I am studying reflexology and holistic therapy, and have a room by the sea.’ Where are you now, Edie?
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