Jun 132013


The worst thing that can happen

I think worse than starting to menstruate while in pose would be farting.

I’m not prone to fainting. And anyway fainting’s not embarrassing.

Progress report on my manuscript: I emailed Victoria and got an out-of-office reply – she’ll be back a week on Monday.

In other words, no progress.

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This week’s topic

6. Fat is not just a Feminist Issue…
…Men, too, are getting eating disorders these days. Click on topic 6’s title to read the conversation on this subject and add your views. It’s part of my four-week discussion THE SKIN-AND-BONE MODEL. See the full list of twelve discussions here.
Re ‘the worst thing that could happen’: are you / would you be horribly embarrassed by a model’s involuntary bodily behaviours?
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1. My manager Sue Vickerman already has a novel SPECIAL NEEDS in print (and downloadable as an e-book). I promised Sue I’d plug it. Read the reviews here (scroll down). Buy it with a discount for subscribers to this blog here. Subscribe now! Or get it cheaper still on dastardly Amazon here (paperback or kindle).
What’s good about SPECIAL NEEDS? It’s funny. It’s a page-turner. It shows how dreadful British state schools can be. Oh, and nearly all the female characters turn out to be lesbians. Does that make you want to buy it? No. thought not.

2. SUMMER SATURDAYS at Suki’s Life Room, Bradford, UK. Six-hour pose, £18 (£9 half-day)
Info/bookings: admin@sukithelifemodel.co.uk.
A propos, artist Lois Brothwell (see her work below) is a regular at Suki’s Life Room. For this four-hour pose on my great-granny’s kitchen table, my feet were not waving about but in truth were anchored on one of the ladders that lead to my mezzanines. Nonetheless it was a tricky pose to hold. I love those feet!
Lois Brothwell (6)

3. I’ve just had my first ever experience of a chaise longue, after four years as a jobbing model. It was at Gerry Farrelly’s well kitted-out Ilkley studio with his artist pals Paul Whitaker, Kwan Bevan, Jackie Waring and Jon Cove. I was able to be demure. See here for the results of this eight-hour pose.

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Artist of the week

TONY BULLEY lives in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK and attends painter-in-residence Doug Binder’s Monday life-drawing group at the famous Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax, UK.
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