Jan 302014



The one-day workshop has accidentally double-booked me with a woman called Marilyn. The decision is to pay both of us and have us pose together.

Marilyn has a mass of long blond curls. She has buoyant pointy breasts like lemons. She has a rose tattoo down her back. Her pubic hair is waxed into a neat shape. When we get undressed, she puts on a mini-kimono and sequinned slippers. She is dainty.

Her skin is pink, mine is blue. She is the girl, I am the boy.

In my novel there is a scene in which Melanie self-harms after a female colleague rejects her advances.

This week’s topic

39. Artists – more tolerant, or less?
In the fifties the (flamboyantly) gay life-model Quentin Crisp was bullied by art students due to his appearance and his private life.
Possible today??
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1. My self-styled manager/minder Sue Vickerman was recently on BCB Radio‘s ‘One to One’ programme here in Bradford (UK), talking about me as if I’m some kind of madwoman. If you can be bothered, listen to Sue’s “performance” here. One word sums her up.

2. See Bel‘s very beautiful Gallery of Artists’ Hands – a three-minute audio-visual piece set to music.
If you were in one of the life-rooms (here in the north of England) where photographer Bel was discreetly snapping away in the making of our LIFE ROOM series, one of these ‘hand portraits’ may well be yours!

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Artist of the week

Another work by KEITH LOWE – see also page 27. Keith specialises in portrait and figurative work using water-based media, pastels and oils. Keith is a member of the Saturday People, Leeds. Keith’s work can be viewed on the site of the Saturday People (Leeds, UK) as well as Keith’s own website.

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