Jul 182013


Getting fitter

The Micra has finally been towed away. The towing cost me thirty quid. I’ve blown December’s rent on a second-hand folding bicycle. It is a beautiful and stylish item which will further enhance my fitness and will help me focus single-mindedly on transforming Melanie Alone into a perfect manuscript, and will altogether change my life for the better. I will no longer drink whisky alone; I will no longer need the pills.

Conservative Jeremy’s network has thrown up more bookings, which makes up for the fact that I’m no longer modelling for him.

This week’s topic

11. ‘Intense experience’: spiritual or psychotic?
Am I right that all you artistic types experience your life with acute sensation (whether emotional pain, or elated happiness) – which possibly manifests in some moments of bizarre or extreme behaviour? Moments which might – unluckily for some – be diagnosed as ‘psychosis’? Click on the above to offer your thoughts.
See here for the full list of discussions on life-drawing and Life to be found on my blog.

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1. YEY! ANOTHER FANTASTIC ‘LIFE-ROOM’ has been completed by photographer Bel et moi! View Life Room No. 4 online HERE. It’s the second of our three-minute ‘life-room’ audio-visual pieces to have been made with an individual artist – Jane Fielder – rather than a group. Jane lives and has a gallery in Bingley, Yorkshire (UK). See Suki in the shower, Suki taking off her clothes and hanging them on the washing line… Plus JANE FIELDER’S LIFE ROOM has a unique twist (hee hee!).
Compare Jane’s working environment and methods to artist Chris Murray’s: Life Room no.2.

2. Come life-drawing at Suki’s Life Room (central Bradford, UK)!
One Saturday per month, six-hour pose, £20 (£10 half-day), 9.30am-4.30pm.
ALSO every Tuesday 10-12 noon and/or 1-3pm, £7 per 2-hour session (£5 per session if six booked and paid for at first session), four-hour pose; warm-ups too if you wish.
More info here. Bookings: admin@sukithelifemodel.co.uk.

3. SELLING LIKE HOT CAKES! Half-price ‘A Small Life’ print copies set to run out at this rate! Now only £6 post-free worldwide! Buy from my shop, or if you are nervous of Paypal/ online shopping, Admin (admin@sukithelifemodel.co.uk) will send you an address to which you may post a cheque.

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Artist of the week

HELEN PEYTON is an artist, printmaker and drawing instructor living in the Yorkshire Dales. She is currently (2013-14) artist-in-residence at the Craven Museum, Skipton (UK). Her specialism is in limited edition lino monoprints and reduction prints, some of which have been included in London’s Royal Academy annual exhibitions.

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