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This is Victoria’s verdict. By email. She gives a long list of reasons and excuses for being unable, after much heart-searching, to sign me up. In the current climate. In this time when it is so difficult to place even the latest novels of her well-established clients.

I’m dwelling on all this while in-pose and it’s bloody hot. There’s no fan. The punters will be watching the liquid I feel trickling out of my pubic hair and down my inner thighs and they will be thinking that it is wee, not perspiration.

Am I embarrassed?


Why not?

Because we’re all just bloody animals. Fuck it.

This week’s topic

48. The creative singleton – an odyssey?
Obviously one likes to devote one’s thoughts to Art, but as a procrastinatory activity, do any of you ever do Lonely Hearts?

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It can be so lonely being a creative…

Or avoid this ridiculous distraction altogether: check out the many other discussions on life-drawing and Life to be found on my blog.

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1. A kernel of the incident described in this week’s episode happened in real life to my manager Sue Vickerman. A famous Uber-agent spent three months engaged with the manuscript of Sue’s first novel SPECIAL NEEDS, of which Uber-agent said, “If I can’t take on a voice that delights me, I don’t know why I’m in the business”. Uber-agent (now deceased) variously represented Martin Amis, Jeanette Winterson, Joanna Trollope, John Irving…
Years after being dropped by Uber-agent (“if you were 16, or mixed-race, I could market you…”), Sue finally found a doughty small independent publisher, Cinnamon Press, for SPECIAL NEEDS. Read some reviews here. Buy it here, or on Amazon, or get the kindle download here. And watch out for the movie! (Screenplay currently underway).

2. Ta-dah!
See here for the latest 4-minute life-room movie by my photographer-collaborateuse Bel – part of the Life Room series of nine film shorts. This one is about The Saturday People, an old-established group in Leeds (UK) run by artist John Bolland. To attend this group, see full details here (scroll down to Leeds). It’s open to all!

NOTE FROM ADMIN: Lovely edgy arty movies by Bel include Under the Gaze, in which Suki reaches the crisis described in this week’s episode (as above) of her serial. A 28 minute piece. And did you see the unique (de-nippled) video of Patricia Oxley‘s art and conversation with Suki? See here (4 minutes).

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Artist of the week

The above portrait by the masterful RUSSELL LUMB is one of my favourite ever pictures of me. And guess what – Russell is about to hold a weekend exhibition and sale on 12-13 April 2014 at THE ART ACADEMY, Redbrick Mill, Batley (UK) – Tom Wood’s and Tony Noble’s famous atelier. Russell, formerly an architect, works with acrylic and oils to make life paintings and abstract landscape. He has been life-drawing for forty years. Russell belongs to the welcoming life-drawing group at Redbrick Mill. For info, click here and scroll to Batley. If you don’t live in the north of England, commiserations.

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