Oct 032013



The little blow-heater with the long snakey flex got hidden before the inspection, due to being a death-trap. They would have failed on Health and Safety.

But now it’s lost.

And it’s still February.

This week’s topic

22. Female artists can, male artists can’t.
Have children, that is.
Which makes a huge difference to whether and how men or women are able to pursue the insecure, financially precarious vocation of the artist, does it not?
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NOTE FROM ADMIN: Suki’s manager Sue Vickerman would like to advise that the story in Suki’s next two installments (pages 23 and 24) will become more ‘personal’, and this may not be your cup of tea.

Thank you Admin.
I am too busy organising the imminent launch (18 October 2013) of my joint – with the aforementioned Ms Vickerman – poetry collection THIN BONES LIKE WISH-BONES (Indigo Dreams Publishing) to manage a full notice-board this week. Read the reviews here. And you may pre-order our book (special price for subscribers) here. Thank you. But we’ll understand if you’re too skint.

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Artist of the week

LAVINIA HARDY works in many media, including painting, ceramics, paper and textiles. Her inspiration has been, in Lavinia’s words, our interconnection with the natural world, and its Creator, reflected in both symbolic and landscape images. Lavinia attends the Grassington Group (click on the link and scroll down to Grassington. New attendees welcome).

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