Aug 152013



Even at break-time I get to write. I plug away at the odd poem on my netbook. A brief respite from Melanie Alone.

After the break, Team Leader Tristram dashes off a quick sketch to demonstrate some technique or other to the students. I find it the most beautiful picture anyone has ever done of me. But is it me? Those breasts are definitely not mine. I ask him if I can take a photo of it with my mobile.

Does the attractiveness of a portrait equate with the attraction felt by the artist for the model?

The drawing instructor’s index finger

He uses it to draw her in the air,
warns of foreshortening, pointing at
the forward thrust of a knee, her twisting hips.
See the arc of the neck, the negative space
in her arm’s crook, her weight
all on one foot, how her jaw nestles
into that left shoulder, these shadows
of ribs, the musculature, her bone structure

while she focuses on a rooftop
as they look hard, no shifting chairs, no sound,
him leaning nearer until her spiked-up hair
catches into his chin’s bristle,
his finger – yellow, nicotined –
tracing a muscle a whisker from
her body’s surface, the air moving,
her skin’s pelt up on end.

This week’s topic

15. Whatever you dream, begin it… Begin it now
In words other than Goethe’s, for god’s sake just get on and do that thing that you’ve always wanted to do before you drop dead. Click on the above link to add further to this “getting old” discussion, which is into its third week (out of four). Or comment about my serial, or the poem – which, by the way, is in KUNST. Listen to me reading it here (scroll down to the poem’s title).
By the way, would you like to put up on this site a picture or photo but don’t know how? Email it as an attachment to with your comment. He’ll do it for you.

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1. KUNST? It’s my poetry collection, strongly themed on the artist-model relationship, containing the sketches (black and white) of fifteen contributing artists. A snip at £4.99!
‘Disturbing’, said one reviewer.
Doh. S’not.

2. I sometimes model fantastic apparel for unique dress designer JOAN MURRAY who created the fabric backdrops to this very page and also my sister-site at Watch Joan and her gorgeous dresses being modelled by dancer Patrice here – an aesthetically delightful 28-minute video by film-maker Stefan Goeschel.
By the way, see HERE for Bel’s 3-minute LIFE ROOM video about Joan’s artist husband CHRIS MURRAY and his work.

3. You might be viewing each new LIFE ROOM as we gradually launch them online (we are up to no.5, click on ‘The Life Room’ then on each number. These are fabby – in my opinion – three-minute audio-visual pieces showing artists at work and the ambiance of the many life-rooms in which I am employed. But have you watched UNDER THE GAZE, made by my photographer-muse Bel after my performance at the Delius Arts Centre (Bradford, UK) in November 2012? It’s about Art and Life and getting old and, well, being miserable. And like Joan Murray’s piece (see above) it’s 28 minutes long. No, I know. You’re just too busy.

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Artist of the week

BILL PARKER MA has created The Drawing Studio at Bradford Arts Studios, Keighley (Yorkshire, UK) to teach Life Drawing and other art workshops, drawing on thirty years’ experience in the UK and abroad as a tutor/lecturer in Fine Art. September 2013: satellite intensive course at Suki’s Life Room, central Bradford, Friday mornings for four weeks, tailored to your level – beginner or postgrad, three students only per course to maximize personal attention. Contact or call Bill on: Mob 0795-783-1020
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