Mar 132014


I do have friends (II)

Before cycling back to Shipton I have a latte in Paolo and Nathan’s sumptuous manor.

– We just hope you’re not getting into any unhealthy patterns, Suki, that’s all, says Paolo.

– I’m fine. Look, watch this!

I eat a truffle.

– We hope you don’t mind us saying this? You don’t want to make yourself ill. You’re beautiful.

– Oh, so are you two!

I kiss them both.

This week’s topic

45. Those who can, do; those who can’t…

Were you ever expelled from school?
Only last year, I was thrown out of a high school (I had a modelling booking there) by a headmaster. The dramatic tale – read it by clicking on the above topic-heading – was gratifyingly re-published in the excellent, funny, provocative UK literary magazine Domestic Cherry (issue II).
It commences my four-episode discussion on ART IN EDUCATION.

For the full list of my other discussions, see here.

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1. My photographer pal Bel has put some arty pics on her blog since her visit to an innovative exhibition currently evolving in Skipton, North Yorkshire, UK (shouting distance from Bradford). Visit the Smart Gallery – brainchild of artist Helen Peyton.

2. Probably every piece of art you have seen on my serial and also on my discussion site at, including everything in the galleries there, is for sale. If you are curious for more info about a work, eg size, medium, price, artist’s website etc, email
It’s quite likely to be a totally affordable bargain.

If you are a non-artist, do you know how happy you can make someone by buying their work?

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Artist of the week

ELIZA DEAR waited til her seventies to become the artist she wanted to be. Eliza used to draw me with a gigantic bottom. See below.
Eliza Dear bottom
By the time Eliza reached the end of the one-year Art Foundation course (she was a mature student at Craven College, Skipton, UK, where I was the regular model), she was drawing me looking quite a different shape, as per this episode’s sketch, plus the one you will eventually see on page 47.

Eliza is a poet too. She has just had her first collection SHREDS OF PINK LACE published in Ireland with Lapwing Press. Eliza is rock & roll. She has taught me to seize the day.

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