Sep 052013


Breasts (1)

The students are great at breasts. They are still being unlearned – trained in how not to draw what they have already preconceived, but what they can actually see. This morning – a straightforward seated pose – they give me the best breasts. Confidently drawing two big luscious circles without really looking at what’s there.

Cycling home I drop in to Shipton Co-op (seller of the cheapest champagne in the land) and who should be at the check-out but autistic Peter, the floppy-forelocked one. I try to chat a bit. He is so endearingly awkward. I invite him for a coffee in Starbucks down the road but he gives me a perplexed look and stutters something unintelligible. Then he practically sprints out of the shop, leaving me feeling uneasy.

This week’s topic

18. The loneliness of the lone-working artist
This is the second week of my discussion ‘Loneliness for Art’s sake?’
Have you sacrificed relatiohships in the pursuit of your creative life? Or in pursuit of your vocation in any other sphere? Click on the above to add your thoughts.

And see here for the full list of discussions on life-drawing and Life to be found on my blog.

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1. AUTUMN SATURDAYS 2013 at Suki’s Life Room (Bradford, UK)! Book now for 21 SEPT, 26 OCT (NOTE new Oct date), 16 NOV, 21 DEC 2013: six-hour pose, £18 (£9 half-day). Info/bookings:
This week’s artist LINDA GIBBS has been here! As has artist LOIS BROTHWELL. Here is Lois at work on my mezzanine, plus one of her masterpieces produced chez Suki:
Lois on mezz 2013 Lois Brothwell (8)

2) Breaking news: British artist SAM DALBY has been selected for life membership of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, which means he now has RP after his name. Three of Sam’s portraits (of moi) illustrate this very serial: see page 2, page 8, and page 12. A little bird told me Sam has just sold his portrait of Alan Bennett for a tidy sum. You heard it first on Radio Suki.
PS If you are in the UK, email Sam via his website to find out when his next intensive portraiture classes are.

3) Come to artist Jane Fielder‘s daring first ever ‘LIFE’ Exhibition, 19 Sept-6 Oct 2013, at the Bingley Gallery (that’s provincial Yorkshire, UK). I’ll be at the PREVIEW: Wed 18 Sept 7-10pm, to which all are welcome, says Jane. To watch Jane producing some of her fantastic drawings and paintings from life (with Suki as model), view Bel‘s ‘Life Room’ 3-minute piece here. Jane’s exhibition promises to set the cat among Bingley’s pigeons…

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Artist of the week

LINDA GIBBS is one of those artists who has had a whole career doing something entirely non-art-related. She draws for the sheer joy of it, unlike some of these tortured souls around here… Apart from experiencing the tutor-less pleasure of Suki’s Life Room, Linda has drawn under the guidance of artists Helen Peyton who runs life-drawing classes in Skipton (UK), and Alison Wallis who runs classes and occasional day-workshops around Yorkshire.

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