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Sometimes when I am staring into space I am thinking about sex. I guess that’s a taboo for a life model, but since I am not letting on to anyone about it I am not breaking the taboo. It cannot possibly be visible that I’m thinking about sex.

I say I’m thinking about my novel. Or a poem. Sometimes I am.

Do I check out the talent in the room? Yes.

Who wouldn’t?

Melanie certainly would. My main character is unable to sustain a relationship and is sexually frustrated. I have her using a dildo and a vibrator simultaneously. I think I write erotica quite successfully.

Re my manuscript – my real work; my raison d’être: I am still waiting to hear.

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This week’s topic

7. ‘Greek god’ life-model spotted, Batley
Click on the above to read about (a) “a very fine specimen indeed” (says DAVID MACE, artist and educationalist), and (b) the fact that one in four of us is depressed about our bodies. And see here for my blog’s full list of variously witty, edgy and erudite discussions on life-drawing and Life. It’s the fantastic written responses of you, my readers, that have made these discussions so amazing…

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Suki’s manager Sue Vickerman has asked me to emphasise once again that she is not the same person as Suki. As a former Religious Education teacher who has taught Sunday School, Sue Vickerman wishes me to make it clear that, unlike Suki, she would be absolutely rubbish at writing erotica. Sue says her novel SPECIAL NEEDS has hardly any sex in it, and what there is is tasteful. To check out the truth of this claim, buy it here (discount available for subscribers to this blog) or on Amazon (paperback or kindle).

2. Thank you Admin for the above clarification. No way would I want anyone mistakenly thinking I am god-squad like Ms Vickerman.
Blinking ‘eck, the sun has just shined for a moment! If you are not a UK resident you will not understand the near-hysteria this induces in our vitamin D-starved population.
Despite the current blip of good weather, please consider booking a SUMMER SATURDAY at Suki’s Life Room, Bradford, UK. Six-hour pose, £18 (£9 half-day): 29 JUNE, 20 JULY, 17 AUGUST, 21 SEPTEMBER. It is absolutely bound to be chucking it down on all of those days, so avoid disappointment now. Arrange your shelter.
Info/bookings: admin@sukithelifemodel.co.uk.

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Artist of the week

SUE IBBOTSON attends the Redbrick Mill life-drawing atelier (scroll down to Batley for full details) of the renowned artists Tom Wood and Tony Noble in Batley, Yorkshire, because ‘it is a relaxing pastime and a great bunch of people’.

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