Oct 102013


Warming myself

I have discovered that I can induce warmth from inside myself by dwelling on one of my Current Love Interests. Literally flush myself up and get warm.

Is it a woman warming me up or is it a man? I am indecisive. I want it all. My ghosts have their fingers or their members in me. I get my nipples teased into hardness by their tongues.

My nipple erection is visible to my audience. It will be put down to the cold. Or will my hard nipples arouse curiosity?

Or will they arouse anyone?

This week’s topic

23. An artist who has it all…
Who is that artist?
And have your children – be honest – frustrated your creative ambitions?
Click on the above to add your thoughts, and see here for the full list of discussions on life-drawing and Life to be found on my blog.

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NOTE FROM ADMIN: Suki’s manager Sue Vickerman would like it to be known that Suki affords her no editorial role other than in respect of typos and punctuation.

Please book a train/plane to Bradford in West Yorkshire (UK) for Friday 18th October 2013 when my and Sue Vickerman’s poetry collection THIN BONES LIKE WISH-BONES will be launched at 6.30pm at Gumption on Little Horton Lane, round the corner from Bradford’s Alhambra Theatre. Please march straight past the heavies on the door doing the hard-sell of the book and head straight for the free bubbly and Sue’s mother’s cup-cakes. Sue Vickerman and I understand skintness. Just come and celebrate with us. We’ll both briefly read, and Bel‘s Berlin audio-visuals will be rolling.

2. Some of my favourite images of myself in my years as a model have been the gesture drawings produced in just one minute, three minutes, five minutes… Artist-teacher Jackie Smith of the rather posh but not fee-paying Skipton Girls High School (North Yorkshire, UK) showed her girlies this 4-minute You-tube gesture-drawing demonstration when I modelled for them last week. Look at how the artist stands at the easel and draws from the hip – his whole body moving while drawing.
And note that the model at one point is posing standing on one leg! I must rise to that challenge…

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Artist of the week

CATHY EVERETT attends two well-established life-drawing groups here in West Yorkshire (UK). To my international readership: that’s a grim, grimy, run-down region of the post-industrial north of England – but we like it. Redbrick Mill (for details, click on the link and scroll to Batley) is the atelier of artists Tom Wood and Tony Noble, and Dean Clough Galleries in Halifax is run by painter-in-residence Douglas Binder. You’ll get a glimpse of Cathy attending the latter if you watch Bel‘s three-minute audio-visual piece here (part of my and Bel’s joint project THE LIFE ROOM). More of Cathy’s work can be found on Tom Wood’s famous blog here.

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