Jul 112013


Leaving Jeremy’s cottage, morning after Bonfire Night party

Yesterday Victoria emailed expressing enthusiasm and also reservations, and attached a document with a huge list of suggested amendments. I have to get my manuscript back to her when I have ‘polished’.

Presumably she will sign me up if I do everything she suggests.

So I got drunk last night. Brilliant party.

Walking home through my glittering village on this frosty morning I feel so happy. Life modelling is the perfect way to support my writing life. My best day-job ever. Today I am going to immerse myself in my manuscript.

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This week’s topic

10. ‘I spent my life looking for myself’
The quotation is from Dean Clough Galleries painter-in-residence Doug Binder‘s favourite artist Keith Vaughan, who topped himself.
Is a ‘spiritual experience’ actually an experience of psychosis? Click on the above to add your thoughts. And see here for the full list of discussions on life-drawing and Life to be found on my blog.

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1. SPECIAL HALF-PRICE OFFER!!! ‘A Small Life’ print copy now only £6 post-free worldwide!
Buy from my shop, or if you are nervous of Paypal/ online shopping, Admin (admin@sukithelifemodel.co.uk) will send you an address to which you may post a cheque.

2. Ta-DAH!
‘The Haworth group’! View HERE the third ‘LIFE-ROOM’ audio-visual piece made by photographer Bel, who follows me around with her camera to the life-rooms where I model. See further details of when and where the Haworth life-drawing group meets HERE (scroll down to Haworth – yes, that’s the birthplace of the Bronte sisters, the famous novelists). This piece is a bit wacky compared to no.1 ‘Dean Clough, Halifax’ – view that one HERE and please write your opinions on this week’s blog post (scroll to the bottom of the responses, then add yours). I’ll try to get Bel to answer you.

3.SUMMER SATURDAYS at Suki’s Life Room (Bradford, UK): book now for 20 JULY, 17 AUGUST, 21 SEPTEMBER: six-hour pose, £18 (£9 half-day). See my suggestions on last week’s noticeboard (go to page 9) for spending a whole brilliant weekend in boho Bradford. Info/bookings: admin@sukithelifemodel.co.uk.

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Artist of the week

ALISON WOODS spent her first life as a scientist. Alison now paints and draws for pleasure in the Yorkshire Dales. Capturing the essence of our wild scenery is her main preoccupation, but (says Alison) figure work has enduring appeal and fascination. Alison attends the Grassington Group (details HERE: scroll down to Grassington).

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