Nov 212013


Advice from a mature student in her fifties

I’m being your mother now. You’ve lost too much weight since last term. Hope you don’t mind me saying so. Look after yourself.

She can’t be my mother. She has no idea. I am forty blinking six.

I get home to find – huge excitement – an email from Victoria; the subject box says, ‘By the way…’

I click on the message. She is advising me that I ought to prepare a one-page synopsis and that it needs to be perfect as it is the first (and sometimes only, if it doesn’t impress) thing a publisher reads. I feel slightly deflated.

This week’s topic

29. Is using technology in art cheating?
The above topic kicks off my four-episode discussion, IS DIGITAL ART BOY-BRAIN STUFF? Click on the above link to see the discussion so far and add your opinions.
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1. Have you ever done life-drawing? Check out this list of groups and classes, including SUKI’S LIFE ROOM (central Bradford), and groups tutored by BILL PARKER MA. Apologies to my international artist readership (I should put you two in touch with each other): these groups are all in Yorkshire, England. Come and live here!

2. ‘Life-model’: it doesn’t translate into the Czech language. The Czechs don’t require a special term for an artist’s subject who is specifically unclothed.
This speaks volumes about our respective cultures. For a tantalising peep into a parallel cultural universe that most of us – including me – are locked out of, see Centrum MANA, a Prague theatre and arts centre. Wouldn’t the supremely understated style of this website surely lead to the early demise of an equivalent British venue? No gloss, clamour, glitz, noise…
Thanks to my actor/director friend Elena Strupkova in Prague for guiding me to this site, and to her associate David Lacina for explaining the translation issues of ‘life-model’.
And that’s just the Czech Republic. From what insights into other ways-of-being are we eternally locked out, we who don’t speak Chinese, Spanish (etc etc etc)? International readers: email me more sites!

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Artist of the week

TOM WOOD trained at Sheffield School of Art and is a co-founder of the Northern Academy of Art based at Redbrick Mill. Tom exhibits worldwide. He has had National Portrait Gallery commissions for portraits of Professor Lord Robert Winston and Alan Bennett, and was commissioned to paint Prince Charles. Tom was a featured artist on the BBC’s ‘Star Portraits’ arts programme, painting actress Barbara Windsor. His famous blog features discussion and all the paintings produced weekly by the group that meets at the Redbrick Mill life-drawing salon. See here (scroll down to Batley) for details of the group, which is open to all.

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