Aug 222013


Foundation students

I am between poses, loitering at the centre of the circle of easels as everyone swaps over to new sheets of paper and passes round the masking tape, chatting.

Out of the blue Evelyn asks – so what made you and your girlfriend split up then?

Her voice is bell-like. Who can hear us? I stop myself from looking around. There is hubbub. Maybe nobody. I didn’t realize I had divulged so much about myself. I have spoken more to Evelyn than other students, I suppose because she has spoken more to me. She’s a bit more mature. And she does have the most gorgeous body in the room.

This week’s topic

16. How old we look, or how old we feel?
Click on the above to moan about getting old. Or not. After all, don’t we need maturity to create our greatest work?
See here for the full list of discussions on life-drawing and Life to be found on my blog.

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1. SATURDAYS IN AUTUMN 2013 at Suki’s Life Room (Bradford, UK): book now for 19 OCT, 16 NOV, 21 DEC – the latter with mulled wine and mince pies obviously: six-hour pose, £18 (£9 half-day). And don’t forget every Tuesday 10-12 noon and/or 1-3pm, four-hour pose on request, £6 per two hours. Info/bookings:

2. Bel, my photographer / creative collaborator on THE LIFE ROOM (click on the link on her site to view our completed 3-minute pieces), was about to get rid of all her Afghanistan sweaters from her former intrepid international career in photo-journalism (apparently the nights were very cold). I discovered them in her charity-shop bag and have distributed them to the needy: Feisty Fraulein J, Feisty’s Significant Other Calm Nick, Bel’s assistant Mike Kilyon, and my ex, Ilka, in Sweden. I turned a fifth sweater into a tea-cosy for Bel‘s birthday, thus avoiding having to spend money on her. See the five sweaters – and their wearers – and Feisty’s guinea-pig – HERE.

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Artist of the week

RALPH LINNEY attends Bingley’s Aire Valley life-drawing group organised by artist Jane Fielder, which has at last moved to an excellent home in the basement of Jane’s ‘Bingley Gallery‘ (Yorkshire, UK). No more do I have to cycle up an almost-vertical road for four miles to model for this group.

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