Aug 012013


Suki the Rolling Stone

Glass half full!
bijou studio apartment, central situation for easy commuting

Glass half empty…
old-fashioned grotty bedsit, seamiest corner of downtown Shipton

The main thing is, it’s the cheapest rental available on the planet.

On the plus side, living in Shipton I can bike it to most of my modelling bookings. Village life was a bit unstimulating anyway. The ‘eviction’ (that’s what it felt like at least) and the trauma of the move and everything has pushed out my novel for a while. I need to get back into it.

This week’s topic

13. Wrinkly but raring to go
Click on the above link to join in my latest four-week discussion: ‘ancient artists and wrinkly models’. Please comment too about my serial, or about Sue Thompson’s painting of me looking dead, never mind old.
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1.Come and draw at SUKI’S LIFE ROOM, central Bradford (UK)! See Bel‘s five-minute video of the space here.
ONE SATURDAY PER MONTH, six-hour pose, 9.30am-4.30pm, £20; £10 half-day, including refreshments. ALSO two- and four-hour sessions EVERY TUESDAY, 10am-12 noon then 1-3pm, £14, £7 half-day; special offer £5 per two hours if 6x two-hour sessions booked and paid at first session. Book now:

2. Check out this blog by Bel blog about a London exhibition called DYKE OF OUR TIME by Tania Olive.
London lesbians are something else. the typical profile is young, fit and trendy as hell. I challenge you to find a ‘dyke of our time’ who looks remotely like that in Aberdeenshire (speaking from grim experience) or, say, Skipton (that delightfully conservative Yorkshire market town) – two places where, if you want to look that good, you have to move away.
Bel? She’s my photographer-creative partner – see her very impressive THE LIFE ROOM audio-visual pieces. Bel takes pics as a fly-on-the-wall at my various modelling bookings…

3. Do fanatical life-drawers ever do anything else?
Doug Binder, who has for a number of years been running the Monday open-to-all life-drawing sessions at Dean Clough Galleries (Halifax, UK), has just done something else…
(By the way: watch Doug and the group at work on Bel’s excellent DEAN CLOUGH LIFE ROOM three-minute audio-visual piece).
Doug has re-produced as giglee prints a series of five abstract watercolours he painted in 1995 based on a drawing of classical ruins. The new prints are about 85cm square including their mounts and frames, and are hanging at Dean Clough where Doug is painter-in-residence, priced at £350 each. A snip. See an example below. They are lovely. They are not nudes. No fanatic he.
Doug Binder giglee print

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Artist of the week

SUE THOMPSON is a Yorkshire-based artist who says of herself, After thirty years in all sectors of education I have finally started to do what I always wanted to do – PAINT! Mostly life figures but also ‘narrative’ paintings and studies of rocks, pebbles etc. Sue attends the long-established Monday day-time Dean Clough life-room (Halifax, UK), hosted by painter-in-residence Douglas Binder. See ace photographer Bel’s DEAN CLOUGH LIFE ROOM three-minute audio-visual piece.
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