Mar 272014



I look like an emaciated child.

This week’s topic

47. A revered teacher

There is so much to be cynical about, on the subject of Art in education.
Did you have any truly excellent teachers?
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Click here for the latest four-minute movie made by Bel, my genius photographer pal. It is artist Patricia Oxley’s LIFE ROOM. Pat’s use of technology to make art, and her personal musings, make this a unique addition to the Life Room project by Suki and Bel. Below is a sample image from Pat’s life room. View more of our life rooms here.
Bel & Patricia Oxley 1

BY the way, I quite like looking like an emaciated child. In reality I am bloated out with cake and champagne after three days of celebrating my manager Sue Vickerman‘s birthday.

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Artist of the week

The above is another of artist and poet ELIZA DEAR‘s sketches of skinny me. See also page 45.

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