Jan 162014


Behind the curtain…

…the toilet.

When I arrive at Steve’s studio I pull my folding bicycle through the front door of the shop (it’s a shop. The main street is a flimsy bit of white sheet away) and ask for the loo. This is the first of two one-to-one sessions to pay him back in kind for building my bookcases. His wife Emma is trundling away on her loom upstairs. Woman’s Hour is on somewhere. Steve’s got the pot-bellied stove going.

‘Here it is.’

The toilet. In the room. Behind a piece of cloth. Would I like a cup of tea?

I amaze myself. I unclench no trouble at all. Steve turns out to be the type of person I can wee almost-in-front of.

That says a lot.

This week’s topic

37. Quentin Crisp and me
This kicks off my four-episode discussion GAY MODEL, STRAIGHT MODEL. Click on the above to add your thoughts.

And see here for the full list of discussions on life-drawing and Life to be found on my blog.

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Suki is under the duvet and has asked me to say – it’s cold, it’s dark, it’s January, what d’you expect? ADMIN

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Artist of the week

DAVID THOMAS was born in West London and trained in Cheltenham, Cardiff and Leeds. He has lived in Wales, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Kenya, Cornwall and Devon. David has painted since 1984 and uses still-life as a way of exploring and understanding the nature of visual perception. See Dave’s elegant discursive blog, and visit – virtually or in person – his studio, Junction Workshop, in Crosshills near Skipton (Yorkshire, UK) which he shares with artist-ceramicist Anna Lambert.
Dave attends the Grassington life-drawing group in the Yorkshire Dales, which is open to all. For details, click here and scroll down to Grassington.

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