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I’ve got into this really comfortable position on all fours, like a happy dog. I could stay like this for ages.

After a while I start thinking about my anus. That it’s probably visible. My buttocks are a bit spread in this position, and are nowadays reduced in flesh; not the big flubbery cheeks they used to be.

I don’t know who’s behind me. Somebody is. Are they standing at their easel or seated? What angle are they at? What can they see? Might they catch sight of my messy anus? Someone is probably going – oh my god, what is that.

I think of it as a spent tulip – one which has fully opened and then gone over-ripe and petalled out wantonly. Nothing neat and pert about it any more. A very red tulip. A petaline abundance. A doctor told me that there is one haemorrhoid while the rest of the mess of flappy layers is skin tags.

Anyone who likes a girl to be in doggie position would have to find this tulip configuration – well, at least not off-putting.

Maybe someone will highlight it, colour it scarlet.

Am I embarrassed?

No. I’m feeling good about myself; in fact about life, the universe, everything.

This week’s topic

36. Is drawing nudes about beauty?
When drawing nudes, are you looking for beauty?
Click on the topic-heading to read artist John Allcock‘s very interesting assessment of this, then add your thoughts by scrolling to the end of the thread.

Or go to the full list of discussions on life-drawing and Life to be found on my blog.

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1. Ta-dah! Watch SUKI’S LIFE ROOM: THE MOVIE by photographer/film-maker Bel, starring the artists Lois Brothwell, Bill Parker, Phil Moody (who also composed the music), Feisty Fraulein J, and Dave Thomas. I hope you have five and a half minutes to spare. (If problems viewing it, try here).

2. Now that you’ve seen what Suki’s Life Room (Bradford, UK) is like, please come and do some life-drawing! TUESDAYS 10-12 noon / 1-3pm, ALSO SOME SATURDAYS. Click here for details. Book now for SATURDAY 25 JANUARY 2014: six-hour pose, £20 (£10 half-day). Bookings: admin@sukithelifemodel.co.uk.

3. Intensive life-drawing courses in Bradford and Keighley!
Tutor: Bill Parker at SUKI’S LIFE ROOM, Bradford and at THE DRAWING STUDIO, Keighley. See here for details.

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Artist of the week

NICK HOLMES, a retired accountant, exchanged the struggle to balance the figures in his professional life with the rather more artistic challenge of capturing figures in a number of life-drawing classes in and around Bradford (Yorkshire, UK), including artist Jane Fielder‘s open-to-all group which meets in the boho basement of the Bingley Gallery (Yorkshire, UK) on Thursdays, 6.30-8.30pm. Details here (scroll to Bingley).

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