Jan 022014


Narcissistic? Moi?

I, too, am greedy. I want all these pictures. I’ve been snapping them on my mobile phone. The quality’s not great but I print them out anyway and Blutack them round my desk.

Sometimes I ask permission. Sometimes I do it surreptitiously because I am embarrassed to ask. What will they think?

The synopsis: as advised, and with great difficulty, I have kept it to a mere one side of A4. It is as perfect as I can get it. I email it as an attachment, and get an immediate acknowledgement of receipt from Lara, Administrative Assistant.

This week’s topic

35. Does the ‘looker’ have the power?
Or is it a more complex dynamic? Do any of you who draw naked models feel manipulated?
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And see here for the full list of discussions on life-drawing and Life to be found on my blog.

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Suki is under the duvet, and wishes everyone a happy new year. ADMIN
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Artist of the week

JILL MOYNAN has studied Schiele, Klimt and others in her endeavour to ‘freshen the classical study of the nude as a form of expression…’

‘By experimenting with the figure and a combination of media and techniques I aim to push the boundaries of the portrait and life studies using abstraction to add movement, drama and life to what is a static pose. The figure in the landscape, or as landscape is also a theme in my work, as is the enjoyment of the abstract sculptural qualities found in nature.’

More of Jill’s work may be viewed here.

And please spend three minutes watching Bel‘s wonderful audio-visual piece THE LIFE ROOM 5. Huddersfield Art Society to see Jill at work alongside others in the life-drawing group she runs.

For details of how to join this group, click here and scroll down to Huddersfield.
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